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Columbine Memorial Fund

They are struggling to raise enough money for a proper memorial, can you please help?.

Sequential Gallery 1

I love graphic design. At least I love good design when I see it, not that I can actually design myself. And, I’m a packrat by nature so a gallery of favicons is a natural thing! It’s just amazing what some people can make happen in a square that’s just 16 pixels in size. If you have any favicons that you would me to include in this gallery, please let me know.

Please share any thoughts you have about this page, how it’s constructed, my comments or the favicons themeselves. I’ll do my best to incorporate any and all constructive feedback. Please keep in mind that these comments are just mine and the original intent of this page was to be personal in nature. I’m definitely not a graphic designer and I wouldn’t consider my opinion to be terribly well informed other than I’ve looked closely at hundreds of these things. I’m just trying to understand what works well and what doesn’t.